In the course of its operation, our company puts great emphasis on the development, retrieval and further development of different military and defense-related innovations. Our colleagues are striving to provide users with services that are self-developed, with the help of which they gain new skills. The novelty of our developments is well illustrated by the fact that after patent research, we have patented in almost all over the world for each development.


The PDW-GS1 is an automatic adapter that converts the traditional handgun into a magazine-fed defense gun in a second. The device with international patents is of 100% Hungarian development and manufacture.

The PDW-GS1 adapter, designed and manufactured by our company, enables you to transform a handgun into a quick-fire gun immediately and without any changes. Once the gun is inserted into the adapter, it is capable of delivering a single shot, short sequence or full series.


Our GS3 - GS3C Handguns


Our new pistols are made of plastic holsters, with a Browning-SIG bolt. Their firing structure is suitable for the release of both a hammer and a striker fire. The safety lever on the holster is two-handed, decocks the gun, but works in the other position as a safety lever. The roller-locking mechanism is two-handed, the magazine release can be transposed to the other side. The panel on the grip can be changed according to the shooter's hand size. The angle of the grip provides a good grip; the beaver-tail grip makes the targeting of the weapon easy. The Picatinny rail at the front of the holster allows the quick mounting of a variety of accessories, such as lamps, lasers. The vizier, thanks to the well-chosen size and shape of the target window, allows quick targeting and provides a good sense of vizier.

The magazines of the weapon are of good quality and work stable. The storage capacity is 16 ammunition. The gun is made in two sizes; the magazines are compatible with both types. The weapon is suitable as a service weapon, its normal size is for outerwear, whereas the minor for hidden wear.

The hammer fire construction, apart from the trends, is capable of a modern, accurate shooting under normal conditions. It can also be safely used during striker firing. Training of police officers has so far been built on weapons with a hammer fire construction, so changing the type does not cause any problems.

    Experiences during use:
  • The magazines are easy to refill, they are securely locked in the gun
  • The charging can be carried out in a continuous, easy manner
  • The safety lever can be handled well in both secured and decocked mode
  • The magazine release is handy and can be operated with both hands
  • The weapon is calm when it is shot, the pulling force is absorbed by the retractor and the handle
  • Shots can be fired in a quick succession, can be targeted at high speed
  • Emptying can be performed safely
  • During maintenance, the weapon can be partially disassembled and assembled quickly without tools, and one should not fear losing any parts even during field deployment

.50 Caliber Rotary Slider Sniper Rifle

sniper rifle

PT.50 Our self-developed sniper rifle and destructive device, which is unique in its modularity and easy way of reassembling.

  • It is ca. 30% lighter than similar constructions
  • A sniper and destructive rifle at the same time
  • For both right- and left-handed
  • We can change caliber by the barrel change
  • Available in real and movie-like versions

GS-17 Machine Gun

submachine gun

Modern, newly developed, automatic machine gun. It is useable for both right- and left-handed, with an easy switchable mode. The rifle stand can be fixed in two positions. The weapon is suitable for single, double and burst shots. A LED lamp of high brightness can be placed on it. Its capacity is 30 pieces of 9x19 Luger cartridges. Without cartridges, its weight is less than 1800 g, negligibly light compared to guns of similar construction. The device consists of three main parts: the barrel with the frame, the trigger mechanism and the bolt. We mainly developed it for law enforcement agencies.

    Benefits of the machine gun:
  • small sizes
  • can be assembled with all types of sights
  • it has the equipment that meets the requirements of the age
  • ergonomically designed for both hands
  • suitable for single, double and burst shots
  • the rate of fire of the machine gun is 1250 shots per minute
  • the machine gun can be operated also with one hand
  • can be utilized between -50 and +60 degrees
  • sand and water resistant
  • does not require maintenance



Push the button on the left of the gun body above the trigger until it stops. Then the magazine can be pulled up from the weapon. Loading the magazine: Lubricate 2 pc of rubber bullet. Puss the 15 mm rubber bullet to the loading hole from front by hand. Repeat the movement and load the second hole as well. Than load the 2 pc of 9 mm PAK alarm cartridge to the formed firing chambers from rare. The loaded magazine is placed into the pistol compartment with rubber bullets towards the barrel, press the lock button and press the magazine into the gun until it stops. When we release the lock bottom the magazine is locked in the pistol. In case the weapon is equipped with a revolutionary trigger (dao), it is now ready to fire. We just have to aim and pull the trigger twice. This way the weapon shoots the two shots.



rubber bullet shotgun

The G-SHooT tip-up barrel, with a bock barrel alignment, is a 9 mm / 380R Blanc / 17 mm rubber caliber single-shot museum piece weapon.

    Fully steel structure, wooden forestock and stock.
  • Reinforced barrel construction that provides the device a considerably increased lifetime, a reliable and excellent operating construction
  • Long design with a reinforced butt pad
  • Its short-barreled version was introduced under the name Lupara
  • We provide a one year warranty for the product


With Vulcan V-2, users get an effective tool that can be used to solve either every day or extreme law enforcement situations without loss of human life. The main advantage of this device is that it can be connected to weaponry (machine guns, carbines, etc.) for law enforcement and military units, so the supply of new weapons for law enforcement tasks and related complex training is not required.

Attached to the standard weapon loaded with blank cartridge, it is suitable for shooting non-lethal (elastic) ammunition, and when the simple weapon knows the full auto mode, it is also possible to burst fire. Thanks to the new developments, the magazine capacity (helical magazine) can coincide with the magazine capacity of the attached simple gun. Its performance data show an appropriate value based on ongoing tests. Its muzzle energy can lie between 200-400 joule depending on the caliber of the simple gun attached to it. Such energy is capable of causing traumatic injuries to targets in a distance of up to 50-70 meters, which temporarily restrict their ability to act, but they do not suffer fatal injuries due to elastic ammunition.

The device is safe to operate with weapons reaching the theoretical speed of up to 1,000 shots / minute in burst mode. Its effectiveness is proven by the fact that a law enforcement unit of ten persons can shoot up to 900 (!) non-lethal ammunitions per minute with a weapon in burst mode, with magazine and equipment exchanges. We will continue with our developments to provide devices that are more effective and related ammunition to law enforcement tasks.

  • elastic (rubber) round bullet, diameter 18-25 mm, weight 4.5g
  • round bullet filled with capsaicin and / or paint
  • pyrotechnic flag skyrocket
  • tear gas cartridge

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